Stroome Shows Off at DEMO 2011

Stroome, our free, cloud-based video platform that lets users quickly edit, remix, discover and share video, just got off the stage after demonstrating onstage at the prestigious DEMO Fall 2011 conference being held this week at the Hyatt Regency Silicon Valley.

But even before they stepped on the stage, there was buzz around the presentation, thanks to Keith Shaw of NETWORK WORLD, who, in his popular “Cool Tools Happy Blog,” named Stroome one of the 15 most intriguing pitches from DEMO Fall 2011.

The excitment continued post presentation, thanks to Matt Marshall, executive producer, DEMO, who said, “Stroome goes beyond video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo by bringing online video editing to the browser. Stroome meshes what we think are the three most compelling concepts contributing to the future of the web— video creation, cloud-based computing and social media.”

Stroome co-founders, Nonny de la Pena and Tom Grasty, used the DEMO 2011 stage to announce for the first time that Mozilla — the industry leader in the promotion of openness, innovation and opportunity on the web — has agreed to advise Stroome on open source and open web technologies.

The room was filled with over 200 potential investors, leading industry entrepreneurs and press luminaries, and came on the heels of last week’s piece the BBC did on Stroome.


BBC News ‘Clicks’ on Stroome

BBC News web reviewer Kate Russell looks into the future by featuring Stroome and touting it for what it is — a simple cloud editing site that uses drag and drop functionality for collaborating on video projects with distant friends, relatives and other aspiring content creators.

Watch Kate Russell’s full report here:

Stroome Unveils ‘New Look’ at TEDxUSC; $1000 Up For Grabs

As of 11:00AM Tuesday, 4/12, the hunt is on!!!

TEDxUSC | April 12, 2011

Stroome, the world’s most collaborative online video site, will preview our new look with a video scavenger hunt at the third annual TEDxUSC today on the campus of the University of Southern California.

The event involves not only the 1200 TEDxUSC conference participants, but will engage another highly creative, wildly innovative set of folks — the Stroome community. TEDxUSC participants will have all day to shoot their video for the contest, and 10 days to edit it together on Stroome. Final submissions will be due Thursday, May 16, at 5:00 PM PST, and emailed to

So how’s this whole this  work? We’re glad you asked:

The Stroome/TEDxUSC 2011 Scavenger Hunt

The USC Stevens Institute for Innovation’s goal for TEDxUSC 2011 is to encourage creativity and collaboration before, during, and after the event.

New look unveiled at TEDxUSC

Stroome, the world’s most collaborative online video editing platform, provides aspiring content creators with an online editing community where users can mix and match their video content with each other.

Add a smart phone, Flip, or digital camera and you’ve got everything you need to mix it up and mash it up at the first ever TEDxUSC video scavenger hunt.

Participants will work by themselves or as a team. However they decide to put their piece together, films need to include at least 8 elements from the official scavenger hunt ‘get it list’ here:

Footage of at least 8 of the following suggestions must be included in each final mash up film:

  1. Music from TEDxUSC (as uploaded post event by USC Stevens)
  2. A clip of a TEDxUSC speaker (as uploaded post event by USC Stevens)
  3. Your favorite innovation
  4. Interview with a TEDxUSC attendee
  5. Something emotional
  6. Something cardinal & gold (excluding articles of clothing)
  7. Something fast
  8. Something funny
  9. You and Tommy Trojan
  10. You or someone else answering the question: “How will you use Stroome?”
  11. You or someone else calling out, “TEDxUSC 2011, Actions Speak Louder!”
  12. You or someone else playing a demo or game at the Interactive Game & Demo Lounge
  13. You or someone else saying what their favorite part of TEDxUSC 2011 was
  14. Someone dancing
  15. Someone telling a joke

Participants  will have 10 days to upload, mix, and mash their own video, their team’s video, and/or other video shot by attendees at the event (that’s the collaboration part). Final films will be reviewed by the USC Stevens Institute, and the prizes listed below will be awarded for: 1) Best Video 2) Master Uploader – the person or team that uploads the most videos and 3) Master Collaborator – the person or team that includes the greatest number of videos shot by someone NOT on your team.

Each Winning team will receive…

  • 2 Free tickets to TEDxUSC 2012 (up to 3 invites for other team members)
  • Your film featured on the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation website
  • USC Stevens branded innovation skateboard

The winner of Best Video will also receive bragging rights and (wait for it)…$1000!!!

Enjoy the new look and be on the lookout for some exciting new features coming very soon!

Stroome Presents on Panel at NCMR in Boston

This past Friday, Stroome co-founder, Tom Grasty appeared at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston alongside four of the industry’s leading independent journalism organizations for an inside look into how video is being used to shape the future of collaborative journalism.

NCMR | Boston, April 8-10, 2011

Taking a simple observation — anyone who has tried to work on a video project knows the problems inherent in online collaboration — the 90-minute panel took a deep dive into how organizations are collaborating on the organizational level, and what collaborative tools are making news gathering and reporting both expeditious and cost effective.

But just how far will news organizations be willing to travel down the path of open distribution/open licensing? How reliant should organizations be on stories generated by autonomous citizen journalists? How will news organizations maintain a competitive edge as multiple organizations draw from the same content pool? What role does video have to play in keeping news organizations relevant, profitable and credible? These were just a few of the questions the esteemed panel of experts explored.

Despite being the first panel on the first day of NCMR, “Getting out of the Silo: Editing Video as a Community” attracted close to a hundred extremely passionate (and presumably heavily-caffeinated) conference attendees. The room was filled to capacity with conference participants lining the aisles and filling the hallway. As was noted both from the dais and from those in attendance, the popularity of the panel only underscored the importance of collaboration and collaborative tools in journalism and advocate media.

Joining Stroome on the panel were Mara Abrams of the Tiziano Project, Jason Barnett of TheUpTake, and Eric Galatas of Free Speech TV. The panel was moderated by Erin Polgreen of The Media Consortium.

For more on all the NCMR panels, presenters, plenaries, participants and post-event parties, click here.

For more information on NCMR’s presenting sponsor, Free Press, click here.

Stroome Remix Contest: Community Featured on Homepage; Win $300

Do you want to WIN $300?

Are you and your friends remix artists?

Maybe you like to share video with colleagues and friends?

Or are you a journalist who wants to collaborate?

Stroome wants to put your best collaborative 3 minute video on our front page!


Here’s the rules:

Get a group together of three or four people and have everyone upload their different clips to Stroome. Copy & remix each other’s video using our browser based editor. Add a piece of video from everyone in the group and produce the best three minute remix that highlights your collaboration with your Stroomates. We’ll not only put the video on the home page of our website and our blog but we’re giving out a $300 dollar award. Runners‐up may also be featured on the site and/or our blog.

Here’s how to use Stroome for the contest:
1. Login or start a new account

2. Create a group and name it what you want

3. Set permissions on the group – either keep it open or invite your friends to join

4. Upload video

5. After its finished uploading, and you’ve saved your work, click on “settings and permissions” and go to bottom of the page to click on the box that puts the video into the group you’ve just made. Save.

6. Click on “edit” to begin working

7. To add your friends’ clips, click on the title of any project they have started. Underneath the video player are the all the clips that make up the project

8. Click on the “add to my clip bin” link on the thumbnail of any of the clips you like. It will now load into your clip bin.

9. Start working with these clips by first clicking on the title of your original
project so the project’s page loads. Then, click on the “add to this project”
link noted on the thumbnails in your clip bin.

10. Hit the “edit” link and you can start working with the new material.

11. When you’re done, be certain to let us know at that
you’ve completed your entry. Tell us the title and the producers and make
sure to include contact details such as email or a phone number.

Stroome Demos at Schmoozd 3

Schmoozd 3 was held 7/29/10 at Wokcano in Santa Monica

Stroome co-founder, Tom Grasty, demoed the Stroome platform at Schmoozd 3 at the Wokcano this past Thursday, and is pleased to report the event was a smashing success!

For those of you not yet familiar with the event (soon you will be; I understand there is a Schmoozd 4 in the works), Schmoozd is an exclusive social mixer bringing together professionals in marketing, advertising, technology, social media and startups. The event is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, relationship building and deal making.

Co-founder Tom Grasty chats up a potential Stroomer!

According to organizer, John Diep, this year’s event had over 300 people from a variety of fields: entertainment, tech, medical, marketing, venture capitalists, and the press. So a big ‘shout out’ to John for pulling it together.

And on behalf of the Stroome team, were very pleased to have been included. John is doing a wonderful job bringing together so many creative and intellectually curious folks from across so many seemingly disparate disciplines.

Boy… that was a mouthful. Speak of which, props to the people at Wokcano— the food was great!

For more information on Schmoozd, visit

Tom Grasty is a novelist, screenwriter and 15-year veteran of the entertainment, advertising and internet industries. He is also a co-founder of Stroome.

KillerStartups Gives Stroome a Killer Review

We are very excited to announce that KillerStartups just gave us a really killer review– as longtime fans of the site, we couldn’t be more pleased.

The entire review is on their site, but here’s a little bit to whet your appetite:

Stroome – An online video and editing community

People who join the site can share videos that they have edited and ask others for an honest opinion on the work that they have done.

In practice, this means that you can be working on a picture, and when you feel like knowing what others think you simply mail them the pertinent link. They will be able to see the image you are working on, exactly like you are seeing it, and suggest changes right as if they were there with you.

Of course, as in any other networking site you will be capable of befriending new people and start receiving their updates. In this way, extending your professional network becomes something quicker and also more engaging – it is sure a big improvement over exchanging emails back and forth.

Why might be a killer

Collaborating with others around video files and clips becomes something instant when placed in such a context.

Some questions about

Is the editor compatible with all browsers?

Of course, we all know the answer to that: Yes (IE)! Yes (Firefox)! Yes (Safari)! Yes (Chrome)!

To read the full review, click here.

Tom Grasty is a novelist, screenwriter and 15-year veteran of the entertainment, advertising and internet industries. He is also a co-founder of Stroome.