Stroome: The world’s most collaborative video community is almost here!

Welcome to the blog. We’re you sure have questions. Well, we’ve got answers. And we’ll be live in less than a month!

What is Stroome?

Stroome is the world’s most comprehensive collaborative video online editing community. A place where anyone with a camera and a point of view can polish, publish and promote their content to a potential audience of millions.

What Can Stroome Do for Me?

• Connect you to other aspiring and established content providers, editors, and producers
• Stream content to the site so that it’s immediately accessible
• Grab clips from the largest collaborative, rights-cleared clip pool on the web
• Edit and remix your content with your network of friends and colleagues in real time
• Publish those edits and remixes to all the popular social networking sites, blogs and websites
• Put your work in front of producers, networks and digital studios—people who just might buy it

Can Anyone Use Stroome?

You bet. Nothing to download. It all happens in your browser.

I’ve Heard About Something Called the ‘Clip Pool’— What is It?

Let’s say you’re looking for that ‘killer’ shot. That one piece of film that is really going to set your project apart. Well, just because you don’t have the shot, doesn’t mean some else hasn’t got it. Take a dip in the ‘Clip Pool,’ grab a clip from any one of the thousands of clips uploaded to Stroome, and get a refreshing new take on your project.

Who Uses Stroome?

Journalists, filmmakers, musicians, students, sports enthusiasts, travelers, activists, bloggers—basically anyone who wants to create original content for the web…or for themselves.

What Powers Stroome?

People, of course. But it doesn’t hurt that we’ve partnered with Kaltura—the most comprehensive web-based editing suite editing program on the market.

Thousands of clips, hundreds of collaborators, unlimited possibilities. That’s the beauty of collaboration.  That’s the essence of Stroome.


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