Stroome Debuts at South by Southwest

In just a few short years, South by Southwest, the Austin-based film, music and internet conference, has become a rite of passage for more than a few aspiring startups.

Three years ago it was Twitter, last year it was Foursquare, Gowalla and now (drumroll, please)… Stroome.

Okay, so maybe two hundred million visitors in our first year is a little ambitious, but at least we’re hanging out with the right crowd.

That’s right. After  9 months of blood, sweat and tears, the beta version of Stroome was unveiled at the South By Southwest Interactive conference in Austin this week. And according to fellow co-founder, Nonny de la Pena, who was there to do the honors, SXSW attendees embraced our little startup as a welcomed addition to the social media family.

Stroome debuts at SXSW 2010

“We always knew Stroome would address a real need in the online video space,” Nonny said. “But the overwhelmingly positive response from the internet’s most prolific taste-makers—people we both admire and respect–was more than we could have imagined.”

Stroome will officially launch later this month when USC Annenberg integrates the site into their classrooms on April 21. But considering the company we found ourselves in this week, we couldn’t have been happier to let a few people peek under the hood at SXSW.

Tom Grasty is a novelist, screenwriter and 15-year veteran of the entertainment, advertising and internet industries. He is also a co-founder of Stroome.


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