USC Annenberg is using Stroome: How will you use it?

A teaching tool for aspiring digital journalists, a pivotal part of the news producers’ arsenal in the field, a way to collaborate on what’s going on around campus. These are just a few of the ways Annenberg plans to use Stroome throughout the USC community and world at large.

But how will the attendees of Wednesday’s 4/21 launch event use what’s been called “a game changer for online video”?

CLICK to find out.

Tom Grasty is a 15-year veteran of the entertainment, advertising and internet industries. He is also a co-founder of Stroome.


One response to “USC Annenberg is using Stroome: How will you use it?

  1. I have a question, actually.
    And I’m a behind-the- camera-not-so-keen-on-in-front-of-it type, so I choose text for the moment.

    The first things that occurred to me about this new toy:
    First things that occurred to me —
    1— whoooo, could be handy if running very tight on an editing/project deadline
    2—hmm, wonder if might be useful for disaster communication – if people upload from various places, disaster planners/rescuers could have a much faster broad picture for situation analysis
    3—if the word about this kind of platform spreads to clients, who want to edit in their changes in the approvals process, that could sure be a pain.

    Back to #2 for a minute. If Stroome somehow allowed for embedding from other sites (YouTube/Vimeo etc.) this could work. In fact, it could potentially enable some pretty powerful crowdsourcing as some of the first steps in situation analysis in a disaster (that would also be cool in another way, because globally people often feel quite helpless and want to do something truly useful to help after a massive disaster. This could sure be useful.)

    To work, I think it would need the capacity to integrate still images from cell phones, as well as video.

    And I don’t know what your plans are for monetizing, but perhaps you’d consider waiving fees if there are answers to above, and there are possibilities for Stroome helping with assimilating video/stills that appear online before official disaster response has kicked in.

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