Stroome Remix Contest: Community Featured on Homepage; Win $300

Do you want to WIN $300?

Are you and your friends remix artists?

Maybe you like to share video with colleagues and friends?

Or are you a journalist who wants to collaborate?

Stroome wants to put your best collaborative 3 minute video on our front page!


Here’s the rules:

Get a group together of three or four people and have everyone upload their different clips to Stroome. Copy & remix each other’s video using our browser based editor. Add a piece of video from everyone in the group and produce the best three minute remix that highlights your collaboration with your Stroomates. We’ll not only put the video on the home page of our website and our blog but we’re giving out a $300 dollar award. Runners‐up may also be featured on the site and/or our blog.

Here’s how to use Stroome for the contest:
1. Login or start a new account

2. Create a group and name it what you want

3. Set permissions on the group – either keep it open or invite your friends to join

4. Upload video

5. After its finished uploading, and you’ve saved your work, click on “settings and permissions” and go to bottom of the page to click on the box that puts the video into the group you’ve just made. Save.

6. Click on “edit” to begin working

7. To add your friends’ clips, click on the title of any project they have started. Underneath the video player are the all the clips that make up the project

8. Click on the “add to my clip bin” link on the thumbnail of any of the clips you like. It will now load into your clip bin.

9. Start working with these clips by first clicking on the title of your original
project so the project’s page loads. Then, click on the “add to this project”
link noted on the thumbnails in your clip bin.

10. Hit the “edit” link and you can start working with the new material.

11. When you’re done, be certain to let us know at that
you’ve completed your entry. Tell us the title and the producers and make
sure to include contact details such as email or a phone number.


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