Stroome Presents on Panel at NCMR in Boston

This past Friday, Stroome co-founder, Tom Grasty appeared at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston alongside four of the industry’s leading independent journalism organizations for an inside look into how video is being used to shape the future of collaborative journalism.

NCMR | Boston, April 8-10, 2011

Taking a simple observation — anyone who has tried to work on a video project knows the problems inherent in online collaboration — the 90-minute panel took a deep dive into how organizations are collaborating on the organizational level, and what collaborative tools are making news gathering and reporting both expeditious and cost effective.

But just how far will news organizations be willing to travel down the path of open distribution/open licensing? How reliant should organizations be on stories generated by autonomous citizen journalists? How will news organizations maintain a competitive edge as multiple organizations draw from the same content pool? What role does video have to play in keeping news organizations relevant, profitable and credible? These were just a few of the questions the esteemed panel of experts explored.

Despite being the first panel on the first day of NCMR, “Getting out of the Silo: Editing Video as a Community” attracted close to a hundred extremely passionate (and presumably heavily-caffeinated) conference attendees. The room was filled to capacity with conference participants lining the aisles and filling the hallway. As was noted both from the dais and from those in attendance, the popularity of the panel only underscored the importance of collaboration and collaborative tools in journalism and advocate media.

Joining Stroome on the panel were Mara Abrams of the Tiziano Project, Jason Barnett of TheUpTake, and Eric Galatas of Free Speech TV. The panel was moderated by Erin Polgreen of The Media Consortium.

For more on all the NCMR panels, presenters, plenaries, participants and post-event parties, click here.

For more information on NCMR’s presenting sponsor, Free Press, click here.


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