Stroome Shows Off at DEMO 2011

Stroome, our free, cloud-based video platform that lets users quickly edit, remix, discover and share video, just got off the stage after demonstrating onstage at the prestigious DEMO Fall 2011 conference being held this week at the Hyatt Regency Silicon Valley.

But even before they stepped on the stage, there was buzz around the presentation, thanks to Keith Shaw of NETWORK WORLD, who, in his popular “Cool Tools Happy Blog,” named Stroome one of the 15 most intriguing pitches from DEMO Fall 2011.

The excitment continued post presentation, thanks to Matt Marshall, executive producer, DEMO, who said, “Stroome goes beyond video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo by bringing online video editing to the browser. Stroome meshes what we think are the three most compelling concepts contributing to the future of the web— video creation, cloud-based computing and social media.”

Stroome co-founders, Nonny de la Pena and Tom Grasty, used the DEMO 2011 stage to announce for the first time that Mozilla — the industry leader in the promotion of openness, innovation and opportunity on the web — has agreed to advise Stroome on open source and open web technologies.

The room was filled with over 200 potential investors, leading industry entrepreneurs and press luminaries, and came on the heels of last week’s piece the BBC did on Stroome.


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