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Stroome Presents on Panel at NCMR in Boston

This past Friday, Stroome co-founder, Tom Grasty appeared at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston alongside four of the industry’s leading independent journalism organizations for an inside look into how video is being used to shape the future of collaborative journalism.

NCMR | Boston, April 8-10, 2011

Taking a simple observation — anyone who has tried to work on a video project knows the problems inherent in online collaboration — the 90-minute panel took a deep dive into how organizations are collaborating on the organizational level, and what collaborative tools are making news gathering and reporting both expeditious and cost effective.

But just how far will news organizations be willing to travel down the path of open distribution/open licensing? How reliant should organizations be on stories generated by autonomous citizen journalists? How will news organizations maintain a competitive edge as multiple organizations draw from the same content pool? What role does video have to play in keeping news organizations relevant, profitable and credible? These were just a few of the questions the esteemed panel of experts explored.

Despite being the first panel on the first day of NCMR, “Getting out of the Silo: Editing Video as a Community” attracted close to a hundred extremely passionate (and presumably heavily-caffeinated) conference attendees. The room was filled to capacity with conference participants lining the aisles and filling the hallway. As was noted both from the dais and from those in attendance, the popularity of the panel only underscored the importance of collaboration and collaborative tools in journalism and advocate media.

Joining Stroome on the panel were Mara Abrams of the Tiziano Project, Jason Barnett of TheUpTake, and Eric Galatas of Free Speech TV. The panel was moderated by Erin Polgreen of The Media Consortium.

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“Remix our second trailer!”: Activist Authors Enlist Stroome Community

#SinLugar's Twitter page

Less than 48 hours after the announcement that Stroome won the 2010 Knight News Challenge, #Sin Lugar has issued what appears to be Stroome’s first collaborative challenge.

In the past, # Sin Lugar (roughly translated “without borders”), a group of activist authors based in and around Mexico, has used Twitter and Slideshare to enable their community to  collectively participate in “the presentation and discussion of important issues without geographic location as an obstacle.”

Now, it seems, they are using Stroome:

“# SinLugar already has a profile and a group [on] Stroome. If you wish to join the group to help, check us out on Stroome. It’s easy to register, it takes no more than a couple of minutes and the platform is fairly intuitive.”

The collaboration revolves around remixing a # Sin Lugar trailer created to promote an upcoming June 28 call that will focus on issues evolving out of the current dire political situation in Mexico.

Here’s what’s up on Stroome:

If you want to participate in the remix:

  • Create an account at stroome.com
  • Search for “Tráiler #SinLugar No. 2”
  • Hit ‘copy & remix’
  • Start collaborating

For more on # Sin Lugar, visit the # Sin Lugar blog.

Tom Grasty is a novelist, screenwriter and 15-year veteran of the entertainment, advertising and internet industries. He is also a co-founder of Stroome.

Editors Start Your Browsers!!! Stroome Wins $200K in Knight News Challenge

Journalists, filmmakers, musicians, students, sports enthusiasts, travelers, activists, bloggers—basically anyone who wants to create original content for the web or for themselves—were released from the shackles of editing in a silo on Wednesday, 6/16, at 2:30 EST when Stroome, the world’s most collaborative online editing community, won a $200K grant from the Knight News Challenge.

And the 2010 KNC winners are...

For those of you who haven’t ever been exposed to the rarefied air that fellow co-founder Nonny de la Pena and I have been breathing for the last 4 days (the announcement was held at MIT, generally accepted as the technological epicenter of the universe), then let me explain: The Knight News Challenge is a milestone for any aspiring start-up; but if you’re in the field of journalism, it’s the mother-load.

So what will we do with the $200,000? What any self-respecting entrepreneurs would do: reinvest. And while we will plow most of the money back into the platform, we don’t plan to just build a more robust feature set and more intuitive user flow. A lot of that money is going back to the Stroome community.

Contests (who wants a Flip!!), collaborations (come on everybody, let’s make a movie!) and an aggressive outreach to the community that’s already shaping up to be one of the most diverse and devoted in the online video space (500 members, 40 countries, a singular passion for producing great work). Put another way, we’re paying it forward.

So if you like what you’ve found at Stroome since we went into open beta last April, keep collaborating. If you’ve just discovered Stroome, give it a try and then get the word out. If you have an idea on how to improve the site, drop us a line. Or better yet, put it on Stroome.

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Tom Grasty is a novelist, screenwriter and 15-year veteran of the entertainment, advertising and internet industries. He is also a co-founder of Stroome.